Staff Training x 2

A busy day starting with delivering some High Ropes and Low Ropes Training at Cannington Activity Centre followed by some staff observations at Bridgwater YMCA. Basically I have ben watching people work all day! This afternoon was some last minute packing and admin as I am off to Northampton tomorrow to meet with the group from Caroline Chisholm School who I will be joining in Malawi from Wednesday.


This weekend I have been at Quantock Lodge running a NRASTC  (National Rescue Award for Swim Teaches and Coaches) for Wet and High Adventures who are a RLSS Approved Training Provider. Well done to all 7 candidates who passed following an independent assessment by Andy and Andy.

Climbing and Exmoor

A little climbing at Cannington Activity Centre  followed by an evening walk up Dunkery Beacon (519m) on Exmoor for the NCS group toady. My last day with them and they all seem to have had a great week.


Almost an exact replica of yesterday. Sun, Sun, Sun, supervising SOT kayaks and paddling my SUP. What is not to like? Another 2 good groups from NCS based at Cannington Activity Centre.


Today I was teaching SOT (Sit on Top Kayaks) from a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard). This was a NCS group from Cannington Activity Centre. Initially due to a kayak being unavailable but it worked so well I will be doing it again tomorrow. One scary moment when a pair paddled into me and I through I was going in but other wise great. Nice and warm on the water. A morning and afternoon group with a couple of swimmers on each.

Low Ropes

After a morning of cutting ropes, drilling, screwing and general admin, the refurbishment of the Low Ropes course at Cannington Activity Centre was complete. There were 4 NCS groups on it this afternoon giving it a good test. Such a nice afternoon after getting drenched in the morning whilst setting ropes.