Awesome Sea Kayak Day Out


This date has been in the diary for some time with good friend Olly. Originally entered on my phone  as "play with Olly", we decided to make it a sea kayak day. We paddled the 24km from Broadsands (Paignton) round Berry Head to Dartmouth and upto Galmpton (in the Dart Estuary). A carefully calculated tidal plan saw us get a 2knt push (giving us about 4knts travelling speed with very little effort) from Berry Head to within 3km of Dartmouth then we just paddled round to the castles before catching the incoming tide up to Galmpton Creek. We did have to stop in Dartmouth for lunch of course. All that was left was for me to run 2.5km back to the start point to collect the van. A nice way to finish the day with a short jog. We saw a number of seals and as Olly caught some mackerel on route, I am blogging whilst he is firing up the BBQ.