The Tiger: An Expected Journey

Well I have left The Shire, without a group of dwarves or a wizard, on a journey that I have been planning for some time. Just me and the bike (Triumph Tiger Explorer). After 5 hours and 246 miles, I am in a B&B in Harwich and will be on the ferry tomorrow morning. I expect to make my target around the 22nd August all being well. There are some very long days ahead but I have plenty of daylight to play with.

So far the bike is behaving very well with all the luggage on board. I put the screen on high, engaged cruise control, put some tunes on and this made the motorway miles slightly less monotonous than normal.

Today's lesson - I zipped the thermals into the bike gear just in case but that was a bad move - it is not yet cold enough for that. Taken them out again for tomorrow.