Biking at Haldon

Last day of the Bridgwater and Taunton College L3 Outdoor Education residential so we visited Haldon Forest Park on the way home. After a skills check on the skills course and a group ride around the light blue trail, we split with me taking half the students around the Red Trail whilst Tyne guided the dark blue with the remainder.

Only a couple of accidental offs during the morning before heading back to college to pack up and get home for some well deserved sleep.

I am on the road at 5am tomorrow morning heading up to The Peak District

Coaster and Kayak

Today it was Sit on Top Kayaking and Coasteering for my L3 Outdoor students from Bridgwater and Taunton College. We left a wet and misty Dartmoor and headed to Torbay where the sun shone and there was little breeze. Thanks to Dave who was helping me out today. After kayaking round from Meadfoot to Anstey's we had lunch before Dave led the group on a Coasteer whilst I supported (took pictures) from a kayak.

This was the first day out for one of the Wet and High Adventures Dagger Stratos (the green one in the top  pic) and I was very impressed.

High and Wet Adventure

On day 3 of the residential, we headed to Dart Rock to avoid the rain for a morning of climbing before jumping in the River Plym for a gorge walk in the afternoon.

Some excellent teamwork shown by the group as the river was slowly rising and on the last waterfall really had a fair bit of power.

A nice little walk

After yesterdays navigation practice we split into 2 groups today for a circular walk round Dartmoor.  More sun helped us along whilst the Outdoor Students practiced their navigation. My group managed to stay out of the bogs but can't say the same about the other group.

Sunny Dartmoor

This afternoon I arrived on a very sunny Dartmoor with my 3 Outdoor Students from Bridgwater and Taunton College for a weeks residential. After letting the student loose in Lidl and having unpacked, we headed out onto the moor just in front of the bunkhouse for some compass work in preparation for our day on the hill tomorrow.

Corn Field Navigation

Out and about the fields on the outskirts of Bridgwater today with my L3 Outdoor Education students  from Bridgwater College looking at navigational basics. Orientating the maps, pacing, timing and hand railing. A very wet day at times but that just added to the fun (type 2 fun).

What a lovely day

.... the sun shone, there was little wind and it was a relaxed day refreshing my second year Bridgwater College L3 Outdoor Education students on the art of paddling Open Canoes.

Mendip DofE

Supervising a Bronze DofE team this weekend on The Mendips working for Somerset Adventures. A well organised expedition with 10 teams out. My team of 6 boys were pretty awesome and covered the ground quickly (and got very muddy somehow) and had a great time. Good luck on your assessed expedition and sorry I can't be there for that one.

Windy Open Boating

Back out on the canal today with Bridgwater College students looking at how to handle Open Canoes in the wind. And it was very windy!

South West Outdoor Festival

This weekend I have been in Cheddar representing Mountain Training at The South West Outdoor Festival organised by The National Trust. Although the weather was poor, some hardcore people turned out for the bike race on Sat and the marathon/half marathon today.

My role was to deliver "Skills for the Hills" workshops in the BMC Skills Tent and to be around to answer any question relating to Mountain Training awards. The Skills for the Hills workshop covered navigation and what to carry and/or wear.

Open Boating

Well, it is September and a Tuesday so therefore I am out on the canal with L3 Outdoor Adventure students from Bridgwater and Taunton College in my role as Associate Lecturer. New first year students today so a gentle introduction into what is in store.  Forward paddle, backward paddle and turning were the skills for today which all 8 students made some good progress with.

Single Pitch Award Re-assessment

Out on a very wet Dartmoor running a Single Pitch Award re-assessment for Wet and High Adventures. A good performance from the candidates who has now passed and will hopefully be working with the award in much nicer weather than we experienced today.

Seals, Whales and Dolphins

Today I was at Burnham on Sea helping out with (and refreshing my own skills) a Marine Mammal Medic course run by British Divers Marine Life Rescue. After a morning of theory it was onto the beach in glorious sunshine to rescue the model mammals we had with us.

It was good to see a large turn out of new volunteers as well as existing medics (like myself) refreshing skills. Those new members will join us on the call out list for whenever we get strandings or poorly seals.

High and Low Ropes Training

Back out at Cannington Activity Centre today running some High Ropes training and Low Ropes assessments. Good to have 4 new staff ready to run sessions for the students starting back next week.