Canoe Carnage

Well, it wasn't carnage really but just wanted the title to follow Tuesdays Kayak Chaos. Out with only 4 of my Level 3 Bridgwater and Taunton College Outdoor Students today. Starting further up the canal than normal, we paddle downwind towards Taunton, grabbed a quick lunch then battled the wind as a mega raft on the way back

Kayak Chaos

Out on the canal with L3 Outdoor Education students from Bridgwater and Taunton College. Lots going on with practicing 2 star skills, leading their own sessions and general malarkey afloat.

No swimmers (though a few close calls) which given the temperature today was a good thing

Advising at The Minack

A great day down at The Minack Theatre today having a look round and discussing my future role there as their Technical Advisor for accessing the cliffs around the stage. Although very wet at the start of the day, it cleared up enough to have a poke around the crags and enjoy the views.

I am looking forward to going back in the new year to work with the staff there in some hopefully drier weather.

Lots of colour on The Exe

Out on The Exe from Bolham to Bickleigh today working with Wellington School. They have a nice fleet of boats, keen staff and a active kayaking group and so it was time to take them onto White Water (for the first time for some of them). A great paddle though a little chilly at times and I am looking forward to working with the students again next weekend.

Although a local farmer was trying to move the tree from the bridge, it was still there when we left as he had been unsuccessful in his attempts.

Kayak Skills

I seem to be living on the canal at the moment. A day of kayak skills in a mix of White Water and Sea boats with Bridgwater and Taunton College Outdoor Education students. Lovely blue sky day in the morning but a bitter wind in the afternoon just to add a bit of difficulty to our confined space maneuvering practice.

PS. I have just discovered this is the 1500 post since I started my blog.

Kayak Assessments

Another day afloat with Bridgwater and Taunton College L3 Outdoor Education students on the Bridgwater Canal. Today was all about them leading kayak skills sessions whilst I observed and gave feedback in preparation for their assessed sessions coming up soon.

Hill Skills Day 2

Back out on Dartmoor today for the second day of a Mountain Training Hills Skills course for Mount Kelly students. South of Princetown with some consolidation from yesterday, looking at emergency procedures and some different navigation techniques

All in all a great weekend with some keen students and fair weather. Working for i2i Development Solutions Ltd

Hill Skills Day 1

Out on a cold but dry Dartmoor today running a Hill Skills course for Mount Kelly students. After a quick classroom session it was out into the Wilsworthy Range area to look at Navigation and Environmental stuff. All 6 students have been out on the moor before which was great and allowed us to try some different things out during the day.

Today I was working for i2i Development Solutions Ltd

Boating in Bridgwater

It's a Thursday, therefore I was out paddling with my L3 Outdoor Education students from Bridgwater and Taunton College. A trip up the canal was the agenda for the day with all the students paddling solo canoe. Some good techniques from most of them but with a few weeks left until their 2 star assessment, we have time to get it sorted.

A trip (or two) along the Canal

Another day afloat with Bridgwater and Taunton College L3 Outdoor students today. Observing two of them running a canoe trip along the canal.

Some good paddling and organisational skills displayed with plenty of peer and tutor feedback for improvement on their next assessed sessions.

Blast on The Barle


After yesterdays session on Wimbleball Lake, today Max and I jumped onto The Barle at Tarr Steps for some 1:1 White Water Kayak coaching working towards a 3 Star assessment. We looked at breaking in and out of the flow, ferry gliding, running rapids, surfing and a few other skills. I was working for Wet and High Adventures Ltd today.

A nice level when we started but it seem to be dropping fairly quickly so not sure there will be much water left until the next rains.

Ballistic Barle so Windy at Wimbleball

Although aiming to get on The Barle today with 1 client for Wet and High Adventures Ltd, the river was very high for a 3 Star White Water training day (most other SW Rivers had done the same) so we headed to a windy Wimbleball Lake where we looked at all the rescue parts of the syllabus and some stroke improvement work. Hope the river settles down for us tomorrow

Mentoring and Coaching

Back on the canal again with Bridgwater and Taunton College students. The morning was a mentoring session of a trainee Level 2 coach and then in the afternoon I coached a group myself. It was all about connectivity and boat control today.
The Dagger Kayaks are all part of the Wet and High Adventures fleet.