Snow Day!

What does an Outdoor Instructor do when snowed in?

Well, obviously not stay in the house.

Having realised the car was going nowhere the next thing to do was measure the snow on my door step. Only having a 15cm ruler to hand I can say the snow was deeper than 15cm and in some of the drifts a lot deeper.

Drink some coffee whilst making plans

Ski round to a friends house to drop of a sledge for her children and then ski onto my parents for lunch.

Drink more coffee.

After lunch, dig out access to their shed and garage and clear a cornice form the roof.

Ski home and build a snowman that is the spitting image of one of my work colleagues

Drink more coffee

As much as I would like to get up on the local hills, the roads are still pretty snowy (ie more skiable than driveable) so have to see what tomorrow brings.

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