Hill and Moorland Leader Assessment Day 3

Out on Exmoor for the third day of a Hill and Moorland Leader Assessment I was directing for Wet and High Adventures Ltd. Yesterday the candidate were on Dartmoor with Jay whilst I was conducting Pool Lifeguard Assessments at Brean Splash. Pretty misty at time but turned into a lovely afternoon. Thanks to Exford Bridge Tea Rooms for hosting our post assessment coffee and cake.

Hill and Moorland Leader Assessment Day 1

A wet and misty day on Exmoor today directing the first day of a Hill and Moorland Leader Assessment for Wet and High Adventures Ltd. Great to be out in the proper open moorland part of Exmoor that I don't get to go to very often.

Goblin Combe Climbing

A day out in the sun at Goblin Combe with Outdoor Education students from Bridgwater and Taunton College today looking at Top Roping and belaying. Only a small group of 5 so plenty of time for each student to climb. We finished by looking at how the ropes were set and and discussing different anchors.

Exmoor Expedition 3

Just got home from the third and final Exmoor Expedition for Bridgwater and Taunton College Public Services students. We had 2 days of wall to wall sunshine (the second being above the clouds). The last morning gave us a bit of rain just to make us have to deal with wet tents when we got back.

Isle of Wight weekend

This weekend I have been on the Isle of Wight sussing out a few venues for future courses as well as conducting an IV on a NPLQ course assessment run by Crys for Wet and High Adventures Ltd. Thanks to assessors Bryan, Tim and Nick for their professionalism. In a nutshell I rode round the island on my motorbike looking at beaches and drinking coffee.

Karts and High Ropes

Another day at Cannington Outdoor Education Centre working with Bridgwater and Taunton College Outdoor Education students. Today was a combination of one student running a kart build session followed by some time on the climbing wall

Low Ropes Assessments

At Cannington Outdoor Education Centre today observing some Bridgwater and Taunton College Outdoor Ed students leading some Low Ropes sessions.

Not as warm as the last 2 days but still a great day to be outside

Bosigran Climbing 2

Another great day climbing at Bosigarn with Rich. Only a couple of routes today as we were both keen to miss the Bank Holiday traffic on the way home. Slightly delayed by having to relocate an Adder from the place we were staying. Learning from a previous experience that was very painful, I used a broom to relocate the snake outside

Bosigran Climbing 1

Great day out at Bosigran with Rich. Just getting some mileage in and getting back onto some warm and dry rock. A little misty at times which added to the atmosphere. 9 pitches done with a relaxed start and now sitting in the sun chilling out.

Exmoor Expedition 2

For the last 3 days I have been back out with Bridgwater and Taunton College Public Services students on Exmoor for an expedition from Porlock Weir to Tarr Steps. This is the second one of these, the other being last week and fortunately it was a much drier experience until this morning when it decided to rain quite hard.