Triumph Experience (aka taking the Tiger home)

As I had to come to Hinckley for the RLSS Conference tomorrow, I thought why not take my Tiger back to his birth place and pop into the Triumph Factory Experience (and cafe) for a look round and a coffee (and cake). Sadly all the places on the Factory Tour were booked up but the main exhibition was entertaining enough. Even better was that I got there without using motorways using the "curvy roads" function on my Garmin Zumo.

Sea Kayaking and Snorkeling

Thought I was in The Mediterranean today but then the tide came in. Awesome day afloat in Torbay with my most frequent non paying client (a.k.a my sister). After a couple of hours of paddling it was getting too hot so we went snorkeling instead. We saw Wrass, Jellyfish and a Spider Crab.

Foundation Safety and Rescue

Today I was at Bridgwater YMCA working on behalf of Wet and High Adventures Ltd delivering a British Canoeing Foundation Safety and Rescue Training course for some of their staff. It was so hot and the water was so warm today that I didn't even bother with a wetsuit which made a nice change.

Bronze DofE Quantocks

The last two days have been spent on The Quantocks Hills and surrounding area assessing 4 Bronze DofE teams for Bristol Cathedral Choir School. All teams did extremely well given the heatwave that we were treated to though I hear it will get hotter this week). I found this budgie in a tree near Bicknoller post and he/she definitely looked out of place so I wonder if he escaped or someone just let it go

Surfing in the Sun

Yesterday and today were spent with Crys who is Wet and High Adventures new Lead Trainer for Lifeguard courses for a bit of staff training (aka surfing) at Saunton

Warm sea, sunny weather and a steak dinner making all a very pleasant two days. We did also plan lots of courses and write some procedures so t was also very productive.

Sensible SUP / Silly SUP

This afternoon I met with my sister in Torbay to add to her SUP experience. Having been on a canal and lake already, she wanted to try the sea. Being the sensible person I am, I calculated a tide and wind assisted paddle from Meadfoot to Ansteys Cove for coffee and cake. It was a little bumpy at first so a bit of kneeling required across the bigger waves but then it was wind and waves behind and stood up flying along. Once in Anstey's Cove however, all the sensible went out the window and it was silly SUP time try some yoga moves and head stands. Only one of us fell inbut I will let you guess who.

Mendips DofE Bronze 2

Back out on The Mendips with Churchill Academy for another 8 teams to complete their Bronze expedition. This time I had 3 teams to assess which kept me busy running around various places to see them. I even found the time to rescue two sheep who had managed to get stuck in a fence. I am always impressed at how stupid sheep can be.

All teams completed successfully and most of them even enjoyed it.

Mendips DofE Bronze 1

On Friday and today I was on The Mendip Hills assessing a couple of Bronze DofE teams from Churchill Academy. As always it is great to work in my local area and have a short commute to work. Both teams did well (as did all the others with different assessors) and I got to find a new campsite on in Rodney Stoke that I didn't know existed.

Dartmoor Climbing

This weekend I have been on Dartmoor working with The Abbey School as extra instructor to support their climbing weekend. Yesterday was at Haytor with a evening bouldering/weasling session at Bonehill Rocks and today was spent at Hound Tor. A great warm and dry weekend with lots of climbing, bouldering, weasling and general fun in the sun.

A day of Assessments

After a week of meetings and other various indoor things, it was good to be outside again today. The morning was at Cannington Outdoor Education Centre conducting some more High Ropes training and assessments and the afternoon was at Pyramids Leisure Centre conducting a Pool Lifeguard assessment.

High Ropes Technical Advice

A bit of High Ropes training and assessing at Cannington Outdoor Education Centre today. Somewhat hot and muggy with atmospheric storm clouds brewing in the background