Biking not Boating

A bit of a change today with a quick 12km blast on the bike around The Quantock Hills with Matt and Hannah. Not been out mountain biking for quite some time so a bit of a shock to the system and a reminder that I should do it more often to keep my self cycle fit.
Nice lunch at Paisley Cafe to replace the calories.

Busy on The Barle

A quick blast down The Barle from Tarr Steps with Hannah and Mike before having lunch in The Tavinty in Dulverton. Good levels today and loads of paddlers out on the river including a large group of 20 plus paddlers.

Back on The Dart

Back on The Dart today with Dan and Mike. A classic run of the Loop and Lower but with a little detour. We carried the boats about 300m up the Webburn before blasting back down onto The Dart to continue playing. Good levels just on the slab and this gave a good play wave at the bottom of triple. As always, coffee and food at The Salmon Leap Cafe to finish off the day.

New Kayak on The Loop

Another day on the river. This time with client Jamie and in my new Dagger Mamba that I picked up yesterday. We paddled the Loop and The Lower section of the Dart and it was great to have my usual paddle partner Olly along to help out as he wanted to try my Dagger Axiom out.

This is my last (planned) work day of 2018 for Wet and High Adventures Ltd so now it is just fun, fun, fun until the New Year.

Portaging the Lynher

Today, we had an early start before the river levels got too high and spent the morning mostly portaging The River Lynher near Callington. We did paddle a bit in between the scores of river wide trees (I think it was only 3) that we had to walk and drag the boats around.

According to the locals, who were very friendly, they used to see lots of paddlers but not many over the last few years. Even with no trees blocking it, I would still not describe it as a very exciting river. I am not keen to return at any point in the near future,

We then had a very nice lunch at Louis Tea Rooms which I highly recommend before going to look at the River Teign. However, it was 2pm by now and we decided that we had already done enough paddling over the last 2 days and walked away as we are both ack on the river later in the week

Canoe and Kayak on The Loop and Lower

Today was a busy day. This morning, Olly and I were drinking coffee and cake, think about the day and discussing should we run The Loop or The Lower section of The River Dart and should we canoe or kayak? As we were unable to make a decision we came up with a plan (now about 10:30am) - do it all!!

So, my van to the end of the lower dart, all boats in Olly's van. Up to the top of the loop, canoes off and ready to launch (11:45), canoe down the loop and down the lower section, off at the cafe and lock up the canoes (13:30). Drive my vehicle up to the egress for the loop, pick up Hannah, up to the top (13:55), kayak the loop, Hannah left us here and Olly and I continued down to the cafe at Buckfastleigh. Blag a lift back up to New Bridge and load all the boats. back drinking coffee by 16:30

Expedition Team Training

This summer I will be working for True Adventure on a expedition to Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands. This weekend is was in Ickwell near Bedford meeting the team from Bedford Modern School that I will be working with.

A very cold and wet Saturday (where we managed to do most activities inside) dried out enough for a short walk with some training scenarios thrown in. It was also my last night in a tent for 2018

Staff Training on the YMCA Wall

Today I have been down at Bridgwater YMCA climbing wall on behalf of Wet and High Adventures Ltd running a staff training session on fun games that can be used with their school groups and climbing clubs.

After a few hours of training, I was pleased to sign another staff member off to run independent sessions after watching her deliver a safe and fun interactive session for some youngsters

Kayak Coaching on The Dart Loop

A different day, a different river. On The River Dart "Loop" today with one of yesterdays clients plus Ben who is preparing for his white water kayak leader and came along to get some experience and help out.

Levels seems to be holding at a nice mid-low level and gave plenty of eddies to hit and waves to play on.

Kayak Coaching on The Barle

Out on the River Barle today with 2 clients on a white water kayak refresher course. The levels were good and both the water and air were pleasantly warm. Lots looked at including crossing the river, running rapids, hitting eddies and for one of them a little swim.

Some more Off Road action

After a little bit of fiddling with the bike this morning, it was off for another day of riding around the trails of Sweet Lamb to start with and then off site round the byways of Wales. Just Rob and I out today and we had a great time. It was somewhat drier than yesterday and my riding was better so no lying down for the bike today.

Just the one pic today until Iget round to editing the video from the weekend

XT660Z Maiden Voyage

I finally got to take my rebuilt XT660Z Tenere off road today with a Trail Ride from Sweet Lamb. Nearly 100miles of gravel tracks and single track mud in the forest. The bike lay down for a rest a couple of times :-) but was soon back on its feet.

Having only ridden 20miles since having it back on the road, today was a test of both my riding skills and the last few months worth of spannering skills. The bike held up mechanically so that was good and the only damage so far is a broken indicator (£15 on ebay) so hopefully nothing extra tomorrow.